Electrical – Are the plans for adding a 240 volt circuit reasonable


I was hoping I could run this by someone. I've done other basic homeowner electric work like adding 120 breakers and outlets. From reading online, adding a single 240 volt circuit next to my breaker box doesn't seem that more difficult than what I've done before.

Digiboil 65L : 20 amps 3500 watts. Has a nema 6-30h plug. 6-30h outlets are only 30amps though.

22 ft from circuit breaker.

So I went with a 30 amp 2-pole breaker (square D and HOM like my other breakers) and nm-b 10-2 wire. Will use the neutral white wire as the second hot (and label it red).

Does all this sound good? Should the breaker be gfci protected? I don't believe I need a neutral.

Best Answer

The sales info I looked at showed it with a 3 wire plug so it should be ok. Some electronic controlled devices require a neutral and then a 4 wire would be needed but it looks to be straight 240 so your plan should work. As far as GFCI code specifies 15 & 20 amp circuits so it would not be required but gfci’s around liquid are a good idea.