Electrical – Can a sub-panel have a larger main breaker than the feeder breaker in the main panel


I have a weird setup that I'm trying to configure, but I'm only 90% certain of my logic (and with electrical items I want to be 100%).

I have a new 400A meter/main combo unit with 1 built-in (supplied) 200A breaker to provide power to a 200A subfeed panel.

The same main box has spaces for up to 8 additional circuits for either additional subfeed panels (high current) or regular circuits (15A-40A).
Here's the Siemens schematic.

The subfeed panel I'm using comes equipped from Siemens with a 225A main shutoff. Siemens schematic

My question is this: Can I leave the existing 225A main shutoff at the subfeed panel even though the max current for the upstream feed is 200A?

Basically, I bought the panel that has larger capacity and it came with a larger main (225A); however, the circuits in use are spec'd for 200A and that's why the upstream (from the meter/panel main) is 200A.

My thought is, just as with everything else, the smallest number will win, but the 225A physical shutoff (while not even strictly necessary because there's a physical upstream shutoff) provides an easier way to kill the power locally vs going outside.

Anything wrong with my logic/plan?


Best Answer

You are fine.

The 200 amp breaker in the main panel will protect the wires leading to the sub. The main breaker in the sub is not strictly necessary, except as a local shutoff. You could as easily use a sub designed with no main, feeding directly to the bus bars.

The only requirement in this context is that the feeder breaker be sized to protect the feed wires and the sub panel itself.