Electrical – Customizing christmas light strings


Generally, when hanging my christmas lights, I run a line around the gutters on my second floor. From there, I drop down and put a string across the roof line on the front porch of my house.

This year, I got all new strings of lights. The problem is that the string from the top of the roof ended in an awkward place in the line (about 2/3 of the way through the line). So, I could essentially either "double up" a section of the upper gutter, and then run an extension cord down to the lower roof line, or I could run the lights between the 2 points, stringing the 2 sections together. I chose to run the lights between the two points, but I don't really like the way it looks.

I could just place some electrical tape over the lights that I do not want to see, but I want a better solution. What I want is to remove the bulbs, and replace them with just some caps which fill the bulb sockets but do not light up. The problem is, I haven't ever seen anything like that.

Does anyone have any better ideas for customizing the length or placement of bulbs on a christmas light string?

Best Answer

You want to get these blackout caps.