Electrical – Do I need to upgrade the service/panel to be able to have a ground


When I purchased this house built in 1967, I was aware that some of the outlets weren't grounded. The previous owner had grounded some of the boxes, but an electrician had told him he needed to rewire the house if he wanted to ground everything.

In a separate issue, I've noticed this winter how inefficient the house is in terms of R-value, and I'm thinking about redoing the attic insulation. My thought was that I might as well begin the rewiring job at the same time since I could run a lot of the wire while the insulation is out.

This is what I saw when I opened the box (it appears to have a history–and looks pretty unsafe):
Panel Box

Will I need to upgrade the main service entering the panel? It looks like only two hot wires coming in with a coil of what I guess is a neutral, but I'm not an electrician.


Close up

Update 2:

Best Answer

You can update that panel much cheaper than a new one and this is allowed in code. If this is your main panel as it should be with both grounds and neutrals on the same bus you can pull new grounds from the panel (you may need a new grounding bus and add it to the open area and tie the new bus to the old bus. Then take copper to your locations that needs grounds. You can tap those grounds that are already in the panel out at the devices and then run a shorter ground from that grounded device to the ungrounded device and all is good so you can do it, and the great news this is one of those things my jurisdiction doesn’t require any permits.