Electrical – Does replacing an electrical junction box require the wiring to be brought up to code


I live in Sparks, Nevada and the 2011 National Electrical Code applies to me.

I am installing a new bathroom fan on a separate circuit from the existing bathroom circuit. I want to change the existing light switch's 1-gang junction box to 2-gang to accommodate the new fan switch. However, the existing wiring on the old switch is not up to code (the wires are not long enough to extend 3" outside the box and the sheathing does not extend 1/4" into the box).

Will the inspector require me to bring the existing wiring (which I am not modifying, just putting in a new box in the same place) up to code to add my new switch?

Best Answer

Anything you arent modifing falls under the grandfather act. You will need to rerun or make a splice in a box in the attic (where ever it is being fed from) to extend the wire to the switch and fan to bring it up to code. You shouldnt need a permit to install a fan. If you do, it just a waste of 300 bucks