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I'm a week from closing on a house (in Indiana, USA) which includes an adjacent undeveloped 1-acre lot. Running above that lot is a high-voltage transmission line. I don't know the voltage, but the lines are supported by huge lattice towers. The towers are hundreds of feet away, not on the lot I'm buying; and the lines are 100+ feet high.

My hope is to immediately fence both lots together for my dogs, and later, to add a pool and detached garage. I just realized today there are going to be some setback requirements from the power lines.

I have put in a request with the local power company (Duke Energy) for information about the building restrictions. I also asked to see the title for this lot of land so I can understand the width of the easement.

I've read brochures I found online from other utilities which specified electrical grounding of metal fence posts, non-metallic fences, or similar, when fences are built under or near these high-voltage circuits.

I would appreciate any advice about fencing near these lines. I want to build a typical black vinyl-coated chain link fence ranging from 4-feet height (front of lot) to 6-feet height (sides/rear.) If that's not allowed or unusually complex due to the electricity, I can choose another type of material.

Google Earth screenshot of transmission line path and proposed fence

Google Earth screenshot of transmission line path and proposed fence

Best Answer

Duke Energy has employees whose job is specifically to work on easement issues. I received a call back from them after a few days. They talked to me about my fence project and sent a PDF with some general guidance, as well as aerial photos of the property with the easement and lot lines marked.

  • No written application was required; fence project approved over the phone
  • 16-foot gate required at each end of easement for Duke vehicle access; Duke will supply locks which I could connect to my own locks if desired, so they can access the easement without bothering me or cutting anything
  • Maximum fence height 8 feet (no problem for me)
  • No limit on materials, e.g. metal fence would be fine
  • No special grounding requirements

The Duke rep recommended agricultural gates which are about $200ea.