Electrical – Half of the lights and oulets are not working after heavy winds


We have solar panels and mains power. Last night was very windy; we heard quite a few bangs from outside and thought it might be the wires getting knocked together. Woke up this morning and we have power to everything except the lights and our stove. We have a smart meter and it has no pulse light. What do you think could be the problem. Is it a main fuse coming into house before the meter?

Best Answer

It sounds like the winds knocked one leg of your service down in a way that kept your inverter from powering up the dead leg -- most inverters are line-interactive, and won't feed into a dead or partially dead system to avoid desynchronization problems (i.e. feeding AC of the wrong frequency to some devices may make them work improperly due to internal timing motors) and dangerous backfeeding of the utility mains. Contact your utility!