Electrical – How to connect a switch and receptacle in the same box


I have extended wire at the end of an existing circuit. I’m installing a 2-gang box with a switch and a receptacle. I want one of the outlets to always be hot, and the other to only be hot when the switch is on. How do I do this?

Best Answer

enter image description here
In this image the top outlet is controlled by the switch, while the bottom is always hot

  • Using a crimp cap (or other approved means), connect two bits of bare or green wire to the incoming bare/green wire. If this is a metal box, use three bits of wire, and attach one to the box using an approved grounding screw.
  • Attach one bare/green wire to each device.
  • Connect the incoming white (grounded "neutral") wire to one of the silver colored screws on the receptacle.
  • Break the tab on the side of the receptacle, between the brass colored screws.
  • Using a twist-on wire connector (or other approved method), connect two bits of black wire to the incoming black (ungrounded "hot") wire.
  • Connect one black wire from the bundle to the switch.
  • Connect the other black wire from the bundle to one of the brass colored screws on the receptacle.
  • Connect a bit of wire from the remaining screw on the switch, to the remaining brass screw on the receptacle.