Electrical – How to replace a two way switch with a ZW4001 Z Wave enabled light switch


I am trying to replace a single switch connected to a single light bulb with a Z Wave enabled switch, model ZW4001Z; a link to the manual for the switch is at the bottom. There is a wiring diagram on the bottom of page 5 of the manual showing how you are supposed to wire the switch, the diagram uses 3 wires and a ground; the problem is that I only have 2 wires and a ground. How am I supposed to hook up the switch? My wiring looks like this:

My wiring

Switch Manual

Best Answer

If the picture included with your question is what your current setup looks like, you don't have the neutral (white) wire that the installation instructions are expecting.

  • Wire your new switch so that your real black wire (the hot to your light) is connected to the "load" terminal of the switch.
  • Connect your "coded black" wire to the line/hot terminal of your switch.
  • You don't have a neutral wire so leave that terminal empty.
  • Per the instructions: "When used by itself for 2-way control, please make sure that the screw terminal for the traveler wire is insulated (Do Not Remove the tape over the terminal if you are not using the traveler connection)."

EDIT - The more I think about it, you may need to have a neutral wire so you can get the "wireless" and any other "smarts" that are in the switch itself. The diagram above will work fine for a normal switch but you may have trouble with you fancy new one.