Electrical – How to wire this 30A 250V straight blade pass and seymour receptacle


This is the receptacle I'm trying to wire. The ground says green next to it, but the other two wire inputs don't say anything. I need to know which is positive and negative. there is no + or – the screws are not different colors. No indicators at all. I would appreciate any help.

enter image description here

Best Answer

Assuming you mean this 6-30R:

enter image description here

After you wire the green (ground, not neutral), it doesn't matter which of the two ungrounded (hot) wires are placed on the 2 'flat' blades. 240VAC (in the North American split single phase) is not polarized with respect to ground, because the neutral is not being used.

This connector can also be used with 2 hot connectors in a 3 phase system, which would then provide 208 VAC. This is not common for residential use.

A Wikipedia article on NEMA connectors in general and NEMA 6 in particular may be helpful.