Electrical – Removing a keystone jack from the wall plate


I am about to install some ethernet cord with jacks I know I will upgrade in the future. However, I'd like not to waste the jacks that will be replaced. How will I be able to remove them from the wall plate without damaging them? Is it possible?

Best Answer

Yes. It is possible.

Keystone jacks almost always have two angled ledges. One stationary upon which the keystone pivots (Red below), and the other spring loaded which 'snaps' into place (Green below).keystone sideview

Jam a straight blade in at the blue angle to push the green tab in, and pry it out.

In 3by1 and 3by2 outlet plates, it's normal that they are too close together to take out in any old order. You have to start from one end and work to the other of the plate.