Electrical – run electrical cable and sound cable in the same conduit


In my house, I only have an underground conduit for electrical cable. I have a home theater system, but there is no separate underground conduit for home theater wiring. I want surround sound with front and rear speakers, so I need to pull underground cable for rear speakers.

My questions:

  • Should I pull my home theater wire for rear speakers through that electrical cable conduit?
  • If I do this, will I get sound distortion?
  • If yes, is there any specific cable which I can use that would allow the electrical cable and sound cable to be in the same conduit and not get any sound distortion?

Best Answer

You really want to keep these separate in a high quality audio setup, as you will get interference...especially through a sub.

I would even recommend routing the cables in entirely different directions if at all possible to minimise mains hum. Is there no other route for them? As an example, my mains wiring is in the walls, so where possible I have my audio wiring in the floor or above the ceilings.

If you absolutely can't avoid running them together, get yourself a cable that has a decent screen and make sure it is earthed.