Electrical – Smoke alarms go off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and then is fine


Tonight at about 2 AM my wife and I were awakened by our fire alarm system going off in full alarm mode. I quickly jumped up and pressed the button to reset the system and they all stopped. We checked the house and everything was fine. We had the same thing happen about a year ago, again in the middle of the night.

Our house is almost 3 years old. We have 8 fire detectors and one carbon monoxide detector. The carbon monoxide detector is in the basement near the furnace. The are all hard wired together and have battery backups.

Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Do I need it checked by a pro? What may be the cause? Are we haunted?

Best Answer

You may have batteries getting old. You need a battery tester (not expensive). Even new batteries can be faulty, and supply low voltage to an appliance. This will cause a fire alarm to false-trigger, sometimes.