Electrical – Why is half of the house without power with no flipped breakers?

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The master bedroom and middle bedroom of my 3 bedroom mobile home is without power. None of the breakers have flipped. I even changed the breaker that controls that part of the house and my ceiling fan in my living room. Still nothing in those listed bedrooms, but the ceiling fan is working fine and I'm getting 115 VAC to the breaker. I was thinking it could be a short to one of the plugs in the middle room. It was working fine earlier in the morning. I went into the middle room to turn on an electric heater and everything went dark. I changed the plug and still nothing.

What should I do now?

Best Answer

Well usually when "half" of something dies in residential electrical, it means one hot leg is down. This could be an issue at the transformer, the wiring to your meter, the meter itself, the wiring from the meter to your main panel, the main breaker or a fault within your panel.

It is pretty easy to test for, you're just looking for 240v at the service entrance. If you get 240v there, the issue is downstream in your house wiring. If not then it's likely a utility issue. Testing does however require testing live circuits.

Since it doesn't sound like you have the experience to troubleshoot this safely, your best bet is to contact a qualified electrician. It might be necessary to then contact the utility depending on the outcome.