Electrical – Why would there be a timer in the master closet


I've been going to quite a few open houses lately, and I've noticed a strange trend. In more than a few houses, I've noticed a timer high up on the wall in the master closet.

enter image description here

I've seen alarm control panels in the master closet before, but I can't fathom why a timer would be in there. I'm thinking maybe it could be for landscape lighting, or a sprinkler system. I just can't understand why you would choose to install a control for those systems, in a second floor closet. The first time I saw it, I didn't think anything of it (I have kids, so I understand the purpose of keeping things away from curious hands). After seeing it in more than a couple homes, I started to question the practice.

Anybody have any experience with this, that could shed some light on the purpose of it?

Best Answer

Thus looks exactly like the timer we used to have hooked up to our water heater. We had it set to turn the water heater on at certain times right before we knew we would need hot water.