Flooring – how do you install laminate flooring with multiple rooms at one time with click flooring (since you can only put it in one way)


how do you install click laminate flooring when it can only click in one way?
in the picture every room is getting done that doesn't have an x. the red lines are which way the boards are going. only that room is done. the hallway and 2 other small rooms would be going the right way, but how can you do the big awkward sized room with all of it going together right, because going backwards they wouldn't click in?

enter image description here

Best Answer

We did this and cheated; at some doorways we stopped and covered the join with a rather smart strip of brass.

This makes it a lot easier, especially if:

  • your house is not quite square
  • the floors are not quite flat
  • you have big temperature variations
  • you want to have different rooms not running the same way
  • you want the doors to close snugly