Glass table supporting 12 gallon aquarium


I just recently setup an aquarium I had on this long glass table with dimensions of 54 x 18 inches. The glass is about a half inch thick.

My 12 gallon tank I would estimate filled at around 200 lbs. I am worried about the glass being able to support the tank.

As a precaution, I just ordered another 52 x 16 tempered piece of glass at 1/4 inch thick. I ordered it slightly smaller since the original piece has angeled edges, and I wanted it to be flush so I subtracted the angled bit from each side.

Should I worry about this amount of weight? Once i add this second piece on top, will that remedy any concern? It looks like it may be bowing every so slightly, but it could just be in my head.

glass thickness

enter image description here

Best Answer

According to the tabletop glass load calculator found here, and to my slight surprise, this table top can hold about 400 pounds.

I certainly wouldn't jump up and down on it, and any scratches might compromise it to some extent.

I told the calculator the glass is tempered, 1/2" thick, 18" x 54" with supports spaced 4 feet apart. Make sure you know the glass is tempered, not annealed. If it's annealed glass, it'll hold about 100 pounds.

That 1/4" sheet you just ordered would only hold 54 pounds on its own if you swapped the sheets. If you lay it on top of the other sheet, I don't know how to calculate how much stronger that will make the table, although it certainly will add to the load the other sheet is holding up. Maybe somebody else has some expertise in the benefits (if any) of gluing (laminating) two sheets of glass like that together.