Google Nest Outdoor Camera – Re-Wiring (Wire Type)


Last year, I had an ADT system installed, along with some Google outdoor cameras. I have an extra camera that I acquired recently and would like to follow a similar setup as the other cameras.

From what I've see thus far, it looks like ADT used the power supply from the original camera, cut the usb part off, spliced it with some additional wiring into an AC plug. It would seem like low voltage wire for these cameras but I would like more technical details on the items used so I can head to my Lowes or HomeDepot for some items.

Wire splice/connection and the receptacle plug shown below.

Question is, what type of wiring do I need? Would this available at Lowes or HomeDepot? I found the switching adaptor on eBay but unsure of wiring details.

Splice connection
Wall plug1
Wall plug2
Wall plug3

Best Answer

That's an AC-DC adapter. The USB connector before was likely simply a power adapter from a USB wall plug, which basically converts AC to the 5V DC used by USB devices. If you're gonna use the same type of AC-DC adapter, 18 gauge wire would be fine. If you're gonna run it inside a wall or something, use Class 2 wire (if surface only, no need).