How are rivnuts measured and what eyebolt fits


At Amazon, I've seen RN14 1/4"-20 steel rivet nuts, RN516 5/16"-18 steel rivet nuts, RN1024 #10-24 steel rivet nuts, 1/4-20UNC, 3/8-16, M3, M5, etc.

I also saw the following image explaining the size of a 1/4" rivnut, but it doesn't make sense to me.

So my question is: how wide and how long is an 1/4"-20 rivnut and what drill bit do I need to make the hole so it fits correctly? And what size eyebolt would fit this rivnut?

I'm buying the rivnuts and the eyebolts online, so I would need to be sure of the sizes.


enter image description here

Best Answer

They are typically listed by the size of bolt that will fit in them. For example. RN14 1/4"-20 steel rivet nuts, would accept a 1/4" bolt that has 20 threads per inch.

If you look at the details of the "rivnut" (either in the details provided on the website, or by looking them up through the manufacturer), you should be able to find some other useful dimensions. "Hole Size" should be listed somewhere in the details, which is the size of the hole that has to be drilled for the rivnut to fit into. You should also find "Grip Range", which is the range of material thicknesses that the rivnut can be used in. You should also find the "Head Diameter", and the "Length" of the rivnut.

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