How often do I need to regrade the ground around the house


I'm a first time homeowner, and when we moved in we were told we'd need to regrade our house. I am deciding whether doing it myself or hiring someone is a better decision, and the following list summarizes my considerations.

  • How often do I need to regrade the ground around my house?
  • If it's every year (yikes!) or even every few years, then I want to do it myself so I can save the money on contractors that I'll need to hire year after year.
  • If it's less frequently (every ~10 years) then I think it's in my budget to hire someone to do it.

Any guidance or considerations that you can give me would be very helpful.

EDIT: here are some requested pictures.

Front Right
Front Right
Right Side From Front
Right Side From Back
Back Side
Left Side From Back
Left Side From Front
Front Side from Left

Best Answer

Only re-grade if you're getting water intrusion or even a damp musty basement condition. If neither of those yet, then don't do anything. Otherwise, re-grading is a good deal of work, but quite simple in procedure with just a shovel.

Dig a shovel depth trench at least 6-feet away from the house that pitches down toward the street or into the back yard. What comes out of the trench goes against the house & then you widen the trench toward the house while digging more & more shallow to achieve pitching away from the house.

The Gas Meter (may be the picture angle), Front & Driveway sides all look good. The patio should be ripped out & redone with a properly pitched concrete slab, re-grading would be part of that job by default. But really, only the AC's side would need to be re-graded at any point or in your lifetime. But, put elbows on your gutter downspouts, they aren't helping matters at all.