How to best fill in rat holes outside


We have a rental in a neighborhood with a serious rat problem. Per the county, we can only hope to battle and contain the issue.

To that end, we've been paying for rat poison services for a while, but the county requires us to fill the holes, so that we can determine if the rats have been pushed back or are still active in the yard.

What is the best way to fill rat holes? I have been going back and forth between pouring dry concrete mix down the hole followed by some top soil and allowing natural water fall to fill it, or by pouring down dry cement followed by water, or by mixing cement first and pouring it down.

Clarification: I haven't done any of the above yet – when I say I've been going back and forth, I mean in my head, thinking about it.

My concern with the last bit is – if I pour wet cement down the hole, won't it keep on flowing down the hole, requiring much more cement than if I use dry mix which can pile up and block the hole, which then when it gets wet will cure in place?

Best Answer

Personally I would just fill the holes with dirt, why does it need to be more complicated than that? Concrete isn't going to stop them any more than dirt, since presumably the yard is mostly dirt anyway.