How to create low-cost, fire resistant, hidden in-wall storage


I've taken all the sheetrock off of an interior wall for some renovations we're doing. What I would like to do is use a section of that wall to create a fire resistant hidden storage compartment. It's not a safe, I don't want to spend that much money and security from thieves is not a primary concern.

My goals are:

  • Cost – cheaper than buying a standalone fire safe with similar capacity.
  • Capacity (limited depth, but height could be several feet with shelves.)
  • Camouflage (shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.)
  • Fire protection (consider this the value to "solve for" while meeting all other requirements.)

Best Answer

Brick and mortar box. Put drywall over brick if you want to hide it. Leave an opening so you can take things in and out. Can use an old fire oven door or something for the opening. I actually found the best place to do this is in a closet ceiling if you have attic space above. It doesn't have to look good so don't worry about the brick job - just make sure that is is pretty well sealed so heat/smoke can't get in. Could use garden stones too.

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