How to do about the toilet flapper sticking open


The flapper valve in the toilet in my apartment was recently replaced, since it had a small leak. The new one has a perfectly good seal, but sometimes just gets stuck open. It looks like it's just gripping a bit too tightly on the hinge – when it tries to close, it moves partway down and just hangs there, and a little jiggle of the lever is enough to make it drop. What should I do about it?

Best Answer

If you purchased one of the generic replacements, they usually come with both the slide on and hinge mounting rubber parts attached. If your mounting is the two side pin type, then you must cut the connecting tabs of rubber that hold the slide on rubber ring, and discard it. If you slide the flapper on with the ring and also use the side hinges, it will not work properly. You can only use one mount type.. slide on or side hinge. Hope this is your situation, easy fix.