How to fix broken toilet flange from over tightened bolt


I broke my PVC toilet flange when I over-tightened the bolt used to secure the toilet to the flange. How do I fix this without replacing the entire PVC fitting? This PVC flange is glued to the drain pipe so I can't just pull out the fitting to replace it.

Here is what it looks like, the red circle shows where the bolt was that snapped the flange.
enter image description here
enter image description here

Best Answer

You can purchase a toilet flange repair at any big box hardware store.

Remove the wax ring (buy a new one), remove the bolts, and mount this on top of the existing broken flange: enter image description here

Then reattach the toilet as per normal, making sure not to over tighten.

Tip, seat the toilet firmly on the wax ring before you tighten the bolts, and use a STANDARD sized wax ring not a jumbo - if the toilet starts out firmly on the floor before you start tightening then you know you're tight enough when the washer starts to bend in just a little.