How to frame a 2“ (1.5”) thick wall


How would you put up/frame a wall where the 2×4 studs are turned flat to make the wall 2" thick? One especially tricky thing is that (it seems that) all nails must be toenailed since a 3.5" long 16d nail isn't long enough to attach the 3.5" tall plates to the studs. Are there any suggestions on how to avoid toenailing or how to toenail effectively with a nail gun so that they go in at the right angle to grip well, not split the 1.5" thick wood and not stick out the other side?

Best Answer

If you're willing to put a little extra work into it, using screws instead of nails can really help make this kind of "light" framing much more durable. It's a little/lot more time consuming, depending on how much you love your power drill, but well worth the extra time, in my opinion.

Are the top and bottom plates already installed? Could you use a 2x2s for the top and bottom plates? Then you could nail (or screw) through from the outside of the plate into the stud.