How to insulate the fireplace when it’s not in use


I have a wood burning fireplace insert, that is not currently being used.

enter image description here

Now that it's cold in my area (27F), I've noticed that there is quite a draft coming from the fireplace. How can I cover/insulate the fireplace to stop the draft?


  • Must be wife approved (so not too ugly).
  • Must stop the draft.
  • Must be easily removable.
  • Must be safe when fireplace is in use.

I've seen solutions where a sewn blanket is hung over the fireplace, using hook and loop tape. I have my fears that the hook and loop tape would not fair so well while a fire is burning, but I'm not sure how hot the face of the fire box gets (since we've not had a fire yet).

Best Answer

Similar to @BMitch's answer, I used a magnetic cover to cover the vent below my fireplace. We found this was the primary cool air leak for our fireplace and I bet it is yours too. It works great, and is very simple to remove before starting a fire. Since it is black like the fireplace, it is not even noticed. I bought one from this site selling the exact size I needed and in black.

With magnet on magnet removed and sitting in front

Here is my fireplace with it on and removed.