How to mount a tablet on a wall


Expanding my music set-up, I'm planning to mount a tablet in my kitchen mostly as remote-control (for music playing on the server), but as it can also show websites and movies, it might get -sporadically- used as a 'real' screen too.

I've done all the things I'm comfortable with (server, networking, audio, etc), but now it's on hold because the current card-board "stand" on the kitchen top just won't do and I'm at a loss on how to mount this on the wall.

The possible locations are limited:

  • On a tiled-wall right next to the stove (at eye-height)
  • Behind the stove on a wall, between some racks: there's not enough space for it to be mounted there 'against' the wall, so some sort of arm has to be used I think

The tablet's specs are:

  • No mount points/VESA/Screw-points available
  • Weighs about 550 grams
  • Size hxb 21+cm x 16+cm (a couple of mm wider on each side), about 1.5cm thick

Some specs I'm thinking of (do DIY-ers also talk "MoSCoW"? 🙂 )


  • Holds the tablet safely


  • Wires can run from tablet (at least power, maybe audio later)
  • Landscape orientation


  • Rotation to Portrait
  • Turning (viewing angle)
  • Movement (from/towards you, maybe left/right/up/down etc)

I wasn't really sure if this was too hobby-like to be ontopic, but meta seems not to mind, so here we are.

Best Answer

hook and loop tape. adhesive to the tablet. You might get away with adhesive to the wall too, but you might prefer to screw a thin plastic panel to the wall and stick the fuzzy (loop) side of the tape to that for better adhesion.