How to nail furring strips without them cracking


While remodeling my basement, I had several walls where I just put up furring strips and foam insulation rather than framing in a "real" wall. I used 1×2 furring strips and attached them with a ramset and 1 1/2 inch nails.

Problem is, putting the nails through the furring strips would quite often cause them to crack. I tried pre-drilling (didn't really help) and also tried using 1×3 strips in some places (helped a little, but not much).

Is there some trick to nailing up furring strips to keep them from cracking on you?

Best Answer

You may be using the wrong load. This site recommends using a Yellow #4 load on strips 3/4" thick, or Green #3 for 1/4" - 1/2".

You could also use concrete screws.

  • Pre-drill holes in furring strip and wall (about every 24").
  • Clean holes in walls well (with shop-vac).
  • Using concrete screws fasten furring strip to wall (do not over tighten).