How to put on siding above a slanted roof


We're replacing siding on our two-story house currently. We can do most of it okay, but our two-car garage has a slanted roof, which mean you can't just put a ladder up there. We're thinking about just hiring it done, but it'd be a lot nicer it we could do it ourselves somehow. How could you do this? Could you maybe make some kind of scaffolding? How would you do that? Would buying some step ladder with different length legs work? Here's a pic:
my house with a red freehand circle

Best Answer

Werner makes ladder leg levelers (say that 5 times fast) that fit their ladders. I'm not sure if it's the safest solution for a pitched roof though. If you did decide to do this, I'd really consider having a temporary stop beneath the bottom foot of the ladder and possibly on the wall you're leaning it against as well.

alt text

Another solution would be an articulating ladder that you can set up as a step ladder with two different length sides. I have the Werner 17 ft aluminum ladder, and it's awesome. It does weigh 40 lbs though, so my wife doesn't like to use it very much.

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