How to reach outside light high above sloped cellar door


I'm looking for suggestions on how to reach this outside light.

I have a pole to change the bulb but I need to get up there to repair the socket.

  • I have a 14 foot stepladder. To use it over the Bilco door I'd have to build a platform about 3 feet high for two of the legs. Is there a practical and safe way to do that? By practical, I mean, not crazy expensive. 3 feet high would require a wide and strong base.
  • I could rent a 20 foot extension ladder (I don't own one) and place it on the stairs beneath the door, leaning on the wall to the left but then I'd be facing the wrong way while I'm on the ladder.
  • I could build a leveler for the rented ladder using a concrete block, perhaps with some shims underneath, placed on the staircase with the doors open. Then I could lean the ladder on the right hand wall and would be facing the right way. Is there a safe way to do this? Build my own ladder leveler for use with a rented ladder? What length ladder should I rent? It would be resting on a stair that is about 16 feet below the light.
  • I don't think the windows are a good option. The one on the left is fixed, and over 100 years old. I'm not touching it. The one on the right can open but 1) it's boarded up from the inside and behind some shelving and 2) It's about 2 feet above the light. I'd have to remove the shelving, the boarding, and be hanging out the window from my waist. I don't think so.
  • Any better ideas?

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Best Answer



That's right.

  1. Rope up and over the house. Throw a ball with a string and use it to pull the rope over the top.

  2. Pull it over until the knots you have placed to facilitate climbing up are in the right position. Secure it well on the far side of the house.

2a. If throwing rope over house does not work after many tries, hang rope out of window.

  1. Put on your $29 harness and climb up there. Having someone hold the bottom of the rope steady will help. Promise her a grilled burger meal. After you survive.

  2. When you get to the right knot, clip carabiner on harness to ring you have tied onto topmost knot.

  3. Did you remember to turn off the circuit breaker?

  4. Send assistant to turn off circuit breaker. Promise her expensive wine when you don't die.

  5. Change socket. Send assistant to turn on fuse and make sure it works. Promise brownies.

  6. Give decorative pipe a pat for Willk.

  7. Try to climb down.

  8. Unhook carabiner. Climb down. Love life! Start grill.