How to remove window with minimum damage to outside trim


I've recently purchased an old home with windows that have probably not been replaced since the thing was built in the 20's.

The siding on this home looks new and I'm taking it upon myself to replace the windows for better fuel efficiency and so that you dont feel like you're sleeping in an icebox when the temperature gets to the teens.

Is there any way to remove an old wooden window window (ropes and weights, storm window on outsides) with minimum damage to the outside trim?

Best Answer

There are replacement window inserts from most major window manufacturers. If your existing window frames are sound, you remove the stops (the vertical strips that hold the sashes in) and the upper and lower sashes. The new window includes a very thin frame with sashes preinserted that attaches and seals to the existing frame. This is done without removing or replacing inside and outside casings (face moldings).

Search replacement window inserts for information from the manufacturers.