How to repair/replace tires on a hand cart


I have a few small hand-carts. One of them is the two wheel hand-truck/dolly, and one is a larger one on four wheels with an upright handle.

enter image description here

Both have leaky tires. Some of the tires have a slow leak that I need to pump up every time I need to use the cart, but one tire won't even hold air for 20 minutes.

Is it possible to find the leaks and repair them? Or is it better to replace the wheels?

Best Answer

Quick and dirty

You could try some Fix-a-Flat. If nothing else, it might show you where the leak is.

Finding the leak

Pump the tires up and apply some soapy water to them, or hold them underwater in a large bucket. This will help you locate the leak(s).

Plugging the hole

  • If the leak is in the tread, you could try a tire repair kit like this enter image description here

  • If the leak is in the sidewall, you'll have to replace the tire.

  • If the leak is near the rim (and the rim is not bent), remounting the tire might fix the problem.