How to replace a non-standard (20cm) bathroom faucet


The bathroom sink has a separate cold and hot tap, their centres are 20cm apart. I want to replace them with a mixer tap. However, the mixer taps I see have 18cm distance.
What are the options for building in a mixer tap without getting a new sink?

I can't include pictures as I have only recently joined this forum. Some further details:

  • the current 20cm centered faucets have their own water spouts
  • the sink has two holes, but
  • when looking from below, in the middle a circle can be seen where the sink is thinner (I guess this can be opened to get e third central hole)
  • a common water spout in the middle is the goal, either with one or two handles
  • there is a flat surface between the current two faucets
  • there is a tiled flat wall behind the sink, so theoretically the new faucet could be built into the wall, but I would prefer not to remove tiles.

Best Answer

If your existing faucets had individual water spouts then you could replace with a double handle type unit. This type can accommodate a large range of faucet to faucet center spacing as the faucet and mixing spout are interconnected under the sink via interconnecting hoses. Here are dimensions for a sample unit showing the range.

enter image description here

Here is link to online distributor web page for that unit.