How to replace an old Roomba’s battery?


I've got an old iRobot Roomba "3100 Pro Elite" whose battery has died. A new Roomba is EUR 300 and upward, so I would prefer to revive the one I have.

It's difficult (impossible?) to find replacement batteries in Austria (Europe), and they are so expensive that I haven't yet convinced myself the cost is worth it. But it would be nice to revive the Roomba as it is in decent working condition, mechanically, except for the cheap rubber treads that I have glued back on.

Do you have suggestions for where to get a replacement battery for this specific Roomba?

Would it make sense to try this DIY approach, considering I've never tried soldering on batteries? I'd hate to have this thing explode in my living room. Where would I get batteries from? The page's discussion thread refers to a U.S. website.

this is what I have: iRobot Roomba 3100 Pro Elite

Best Answer

Ebay - that's where I got my replacement. It's NOT an iRobot manufactured battery pack (nor does it claim to be), but it works fine. I think it came from someone in Hong Kong, and the shipping wasn't bad at all - I don't know how shipping in your area would be.

I looked at opening the pack up and replacing the cells, but I couldn't figure out how to get the thing open without damaging it.