How to safely clean the paver stone driveway


I sprayed moss killer to prevent moss from growing between the cracks of my paver stone driveway. I tested a small area first to make sure it wouldn't stain the paver stones. It looked fine after about a day–no stains–so I proceeded to spray the whole driveway.

It came out fine, except that, shockingly, one portion of the driveway became stained with a rust-like color. I tried power washing it out with water only, which worked a little bit, but it's still discolored.

What cleanser can I use to clean up the stain without damaging the stone? The stones look like this:

enter image description here

Best Answer

If the pavers are the same on the bottom as well as the top, you can pull up the affected pavers, wash them with just water and maybe some dish soap and then put them back in upside down. The newly cleaned bottom side should match the other pavers pretty well. You'll then need to put down some sand and sweep it around to refill the joints.