How to safely dispose of latex paint


So, like most home owners, I have gallons of partially used paint, both from my old place, and old ones from the previous owners here. I want to dispose of these both safely and efficiently (we have quite a few gallons so pricey solutions may not fly).

They're all latex paint. My municipality will take these if they're "dry". I checked, and I tossed the chunked solid ones, but what about the ones with liquid? How do I dry them? Can I just open the can? That seems like it will release a lot of VOCs, which I'd rather not. I saw some "drying agent" at Home Depot, is this a good match? Or something simple like kitty litter (we do not have a cat) would be more cost efficient?

Best Answer

The municipalities just don't want it liquid or with the lid on. Imagine a paint can full of paint when the compactor squishes down on it. Paint everywhere! You can put whatever you want in the paint to make it more solid. Kitty litter, the store bought stuff drying agent, sand. I have used some old mortar that I had on hand. You just want to make sure that it's a solid or semi solid, and you can put it out on the curb for pickup without worry of it spilling with no lid. It would take too long for it to air dry. Also, a film might form on the top, preventing the bottom from drying.