How to sand stamps off of lumber


I just finished building a deck. The boards have stamps 1–2 ft from each end, and I could not bring my self to be as wasteful as to always cut them off. I tried to place the boards with the stamp down when possible, but the mill seemed to have taken special care to place the stamp on the “good” (undamaged) side of most boards. Here is a picture:

deck stamp

I probably have 30–50 of these stamps to sand off. How easily do they come off—is it too much to do by hand, using a block and sandpaper, given that I have no ambition of becoming the next Karate Kid? If so, I will have to convince my wife to let me buy another powertool. 🙂 Should I get a belt sander, or will a random-orbit sander or Mouse be sufficient for this job? (The latter two would be more useful for future indoor projects.)

Best Answer

If you can get under your deck I'd try and do a test sanding just using sandpaper and some arm strength to see how easy the stamps come off. I'd be willing to bet a small orbital sander would do the trick with some fine grit paper.

Orbital sanders are pretty cheap so convincing the wife shouldn't be too much trouble. Maybe hop on craigslist or ebay and see if ya snag one on the cheap.