How to secure vinyl post caps


I have a deck with vinyl posts, and 5"x5" vinyl caps on the posts. I'm looking at how I can affix them to the posts so they don't blow off. I found a "Vinyl Fence Glue" listed at both Home Depot and Lowe's websites, but they are listed as online-only. Amazon has something similar but it is not in stock.

Am I just looking for anything labeled as a "vinyl adhesive"? Since it's going to be outside facing the weather, should I be aware of any qualities to avoid in an adhesive? Would something like Gorilla Glue work? Most "vinyl adhesive" searches end up with a bunch of the canned stuff you brush on but I think I'm looking for some sort of tubed type of adhesive.

Best Answer

Use clear silicone caulk, super strong as an adhesive when cured and waterproof.