How to soundproof the bedroom walls as cost effectively as possible


My bedroom is next to the kitchen on one wall, a hallway on one wall, the outdoors on one wall and the PC room on the other. The wall that bothers us the most is the kitchen wall.

We would like to soundproof the kitchen wall and maybe the hallway wall.

Is that possible without it costing a fortune?

Best Answer

Not sure what a fortune is and how much you are willing to do yourself.

  • demo drywall on walls - free
  • buy Quiet Batt insulation - $2 a foot or cheaper- pack the wall cavity to the max with insulation. If you want cheaper insulation I think rock wool is your best bet. And I would sandwich it in.
  • Redrywall. OK - Here is the big expense. Quietrock (Lowes) works well. It is $40-50 a sheet so that might set you back $300. You could also double drywall - more work but less material cost.

  • Mud and tape - don't know of any mud and tape that is designed for soundproofing.

  • There is soundproofing paint. It helps but I am not sure how well you would notice a difference when the sounds are coming from so close. This would be another $100.

  • There are soundproofing grids you can buy for your wall - some with ok designs. These are really expensive and really out of the realm of your question.

So if you can do everything yourself you are looking at $200-600. Another $150-200 to have someone do it for you. Also if there are drain pipes in the walls then you will never get the full effect of the soundproofing since the 3 inches of material will probably be reduced to 1 inch or less.