How to take apart an older model bathroom faucet


I'm trying to take apart a leaky bathroom faucet. I've isolated the leak to the cold valve, but I cannot figure out how to disassemble the faucet. I've watched several helpful videos and read through some helpful questions, but I've got an older faucet and they don't apply. Here's a pic:

My bathroom faucet

So far the things I have tried are:

  • I've taken the screw out of the top, but that does not seem to loosen anything
  • I've screwed the short metal rod from the handle back in the side, and used that as leverage to yank and twist, but that doesn't help me pull the top off
  • I've rotated the tap fully clockwise (the direction that turns the water on) several full turns around, and it does not appear to be loosening
  • I've screwed the short metal rod from the handle into the tap and used a crowbar to hit the tap upwards, but it does not move up

I don't see any other places/parts/screws I could use to disassemble this. How do I take this apart? Thanks.

Edit: I added two more steps I've tried to remove the tap

Best Answer

Remove the screw from the top completely, and then pull straight up on the cold water tap. It may take some pressure but it will come free. Under that you should find another cap, screwed on, which will be holding the cold water stem (aka valve stem) in place.