How to use dust saved from sanding Corian to fix scratches


I recently installed a wet bar with a Corian counter top. When I sanded it (starting with 200 grit and working up to 2500) i created a bunch of Corian dust. I had heard that I should save this in case I need to use it for scratches/repairs to the Corian. Is this accurate?

How can I use this to fix my counter top if I have scratches? I have roughly 6 oz volume (half of a 12 oz glass — I know that's not the right way to measure it but I'm not going to weigh it) saved.

Best Answer

Similar to using wood dust mixed with wood glue to fill in some imperfection on a wood project. You will always see it, but most other folks won't. Kind of depends on the scratch.

If you have a scrap of your corian, put a scratch in it, take the dust, mix with some epoxy fill the scratch and sand flush. See if it works to your satisfaction. Then put away that experience to the day if and when you actually scratch your bar top. And don't forget where you put those corian sandings.

  • My assumption is that epoxy will stick to the corian and not pop off.