Insert a pex segment with sharkbite/ push-to-fit connectors in an existing [copper] line


I'm conceptually lost on how to get a sharkbite connector put on the right side of the picture below. This pex stuff is not bendable to the extent of being able to put the connector on and then get the inch of tube inserted into the connector. So what is the way to get this done?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

Sharkbite makes "slip couplings":

Sharkbite slip coupling

Home Depot source

These are designed to slip deep over one end of a pipe, to allow a fix pipe like your PEX segment to get in place, then slip back for the final connection. The "About this product" section on the Hope Depot link claims that this device can handle a 2" missing segment of pipe. If you cut clean that damaged copper pipe end and properly size the length of replacement PEX, you can slide a slip coupling on the copper pipe and slip it back over the PEX end, and the repair is complete.

(The product is shown for example purposes only, I'm not affiliated with this product or Home Depot.)