Is dropping a bromine tab in the sump pit bad


I have a sump pump that runs a lot (I have a perched water table under my house).

It discharges into my gutter and there is a significant mold build up.

My sump pit is just a hole in the ground, but I would like to try dropping a bromine tab in my sump pit.

My worry is that this will mess up the ground water.

My second worry is that it will mess up my pump.

Are these valid concerns or can I just try this out and see if it helps my mold issues?

Best Answer

It won't mess up your pump, there's much heavier minerals in the water than bromine. However, you have to be weary of where the water is discharged. Bromine isn't going to be healthy for your lawn or nearby trees. It's probably best to spot-treat the mold with bleach and maybe mold-resistant epoxy paint. If you use bromine, re-route your discharge into the sewer.