Kitchens – can a dishwasher be installed 17 feet from sink


Due to the issues with my kitchen cabinet layout, I can't have my Bosch dishwasher installed next to the sink. The only place where the dishwasher can fit into is the cabinet that's 17 feet away from the sink, but Bosch said the drain hose can be extended up to 12 feet.

Is 17 ft too far in this case? How damaging it could be if the dishwasher is installed too far from the sink?

Best Answer

You can put the dishwasher wherever you want.

You will have to provide it with water and a drain that meets code - and it's not at all likely that you can run 17 feet to join the sink drain while meeting code. So you'll have to arrange plumbing to serve the water input and drain output needs of the dishwasher where you want to put it, independent of the sink.