Kitchens – Dishwasher leaving residue, needing frequent cleaning


I'm looking for any ideas about how to get my dishwasher working better. Right now I need to take it apart and clean out a filter each week, but this filter is not easily removed (~8 screws) and did not ever need cleaning in the past. Even after running the dishwasher empty I have observed this filter getting a bit of gunk in it. After cleaning, it works well and gradually gets more clogged up, by the end of the week there's soapy residue left on the dishes.

Some bad choices made leading up to having this issue:

  • running the dishwasher with juicer parts that were packed full of apple pulp, causing the bottom of the dishwasher to be full of standing water and the first time I observed the permanent filter being clogged

  • trying different more eco friendly soaps which was the first time we observed dishes not getting clean and soapy residue remaining

  • taking apart the dishwasher and noticing one of the gaskets did not fit clearly back into place, I think it's right now but liable to be wrong

Some things I've tried:

  • running the dishwasher empty with vinegar

  • running the dishwasher empty

The dishwasher is a Frigidaire FPHD2491KF0

Please see the pictures on this post. Appreciate any ideas about things to try!

photo of inside of dishwasher

above: inside of dishwasher and the problem area

shows grime immediately after running an empty cycle

above: cleaned the filter, and then ran an empty cycle with vinegar and this grime showed up

grime on the filter

above: the filter that's difficult to remove, after a week of usage

confusing o ring

above: confusing o ring, it doesn't seem to sit right in there and its not obvious to me how it should fit

different view of confusing o ring

above: it seems too big to fit into the groove in there, I regret having taken this apart

under the sink

above: under the sink, for context

Best Answer

Check the drain hose attachment. The inner diameter is reduced around the nipple and something can be caught there, possibly causing back-wash of drain water.

enter image description here