Kitchens – Fasteners for securing cabinets together


I'm planning on using GRK Cabinet screws to fasten cabinets to the walls, but plan on using GRK trim screws to secure the cabinets to each other, like these.

Are these appropriate? The heads seem a little small, but I figured drawing force wasn't so critical on securing cabinets together, and these heads will hide nicely when countersunk into the cabinet frame.

Best Answer

In most cases those will work nicely. At times, though, drawing force is substantial. The world isn't flat and level and hardwoods can be stubborn.

Feel free to use those screws, properly piloted and countersunk, but be prepared to use conventional flute-head screws (gold construction screws) behind hinges or in other hidden locations to do some heavy lifting.

For clarity, I'm assuming a faceframe configuration:

   ______________________________    ______________________________
  | _____________________________|  |______________________________|
  | |                          | |  | |                          | |
   \                            \    \                            \
  | |                          | |  | |                          | |
  | |                          | |  | |                          | |
 |___|                        |___||___|<-- screws here         |___|

If you're dealing with frameless cabinets I'd consider sleeve bolts as suggested in other answers, but only if you have a tough situation. 1-1/4" drywall or gold screws behind the hinges are usually adequate.