Kitchens – Replacing gas oven with electric


I have a gas oven which has given up the ghost and I want to replace it with an electric pyrolitic oven.

Do I need a separate circuit for the new oven, or can I put it on the normal ring main.?

The new oven says it needs a "hard wired" connection. What's that?

Best Answer

You need a separate circuit for the oven as it draws a much greater current than the normal ring main.

This site explains the load a cooker draws.

A 240 V domestic cooker has the following connected loads:

top oven 1.5 kW
main oven 2.5 kW
grill 2.0kw
four hotplates 2.0 kW each

This results in a nearly 30A load which will clearly overload the regular 13A ring main.

A hard wired connection is where the connection is permanent and not through a normal plug and socket.