Kitchens – What to do with a gap in the countertop next to kitchen sink


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I screwed up cutting the hole for the 25" drop in sink on my $160 countertop. It's just a little too wide. What are my options besides buying a larger 33 inch sink and being more careful next time?

Best Answer

You can put a piece of wood on the edge, scoot the sink over by 1/8", and epoxy and caulk. If this sink is highly utilized I wouldn't expect this to look pretty after six months. You have the weight of dishes and water in the sink, you have dirt and grime, just nothing that will hold up like a countertop.

Even thinking of a weird solution that could cost you $10-20 to look crappy, a good sink can usually be had for $30-40 so I would personally install a bigger one.