Lighting – How to uninstall this old school light switch from the wall


I have a few of these old school light switches in my current accommodation:

enter image description here

I now need to replace one because it is not working anymore so I'm trying to uninstall it from the wall. Alas, I'm not having any success. The visible screws give access to the wiring inside but not too the wall fasteners.

enter image description here

The threaded bars do not have a head I can use to unscrew them. There seems to be a nut buried here

enter image description here

But I cannot access it as there's little space available. I can fit a 5mm hex socket in the hole but the nut is bigger than 5mm.

Do I need a special tool for the job? How can I uninstall this old school light switch from the wall?

Best Answer

The middle image clearly shows a nut at the bottom of the recess or hole.

Get some deep thin wall sockets and it should come undone easily.

Or undo the flathead screws and make the wires safe then break the base. Then remove or grind down the threads...