Lighting – Sticky Rocker Light Switch — Not stuck, just sticky — fix or replace


My bathroom's light switch gets stuck in the on position very easily. I.e. I turn the light on and then I have to hit the switch 2-4 times to get it to turn off. It's a rocker switch.

It does turn off, but you really have to hit it hard. I've been doing some research on the internet, but I haven't really found questions about "sticky" light switches versus a light switch that is completely stuck in the on or off position. Do I absolutely have to replace it or is there a solution I can reasonably try myself? I rent my apartment so I would love it if I could just fix it myself instead of going through my landlord


Best Answer

That's not the kind of device that you'd attempt to repair. For one thing, you'd void the UL listing and assume liability for any resulting damage, injury, or death in doing so. For another, parts aren't available. For one more, they're far too inexpensive to waste any time on.

Buy a new switch. Turn of the breaker. Replace it in the same configuration following standard good wiring practice. Be happy.